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A list of the Supreme Court's emergency applications by docket number. Notable cases are highlighted in bold.

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Docket No.TitleTypeFiledJustice
24A68Plumbers Local 290 Pension Trust Fund v. Root, Inc., et al.Extend deadlineJul 16 2024Kavanaugh
24A66Austin Kyle Lee v. United StatesExtend deadlineJul 15 2024Roberts
24A65Tina Peters v. Daniel P. Rubinstein, et al.InjunctionJul 17 2024Gorsuch
24A63Robert James Rainey v. ColoradoExtend deadlineJul 15 2024Gorsuch
24A62Sikousis Legacy, Inc., et al. v. B-Gas Limited, aka Bepalo LPG Shipping Ltd., et alExtend deadlineJul 16 2024Kagan
24A61Judy A. Brannberg v. Colorado Civil Rights Division, et al.StayJul 15 2024Gorsuch
24A60Keith Edmund Gavin v. AlabamaStayJul 17 2024Thomas
24A59Kathleen Wright-Gottshall, et al. v. New Jersey, et al.Extend deadlineJul 13 2024Alito
24A58William B. Walton, et al. v. Neskowin Regional Sanitary AuthorityExtend deadlineJul 15 2024Kagan
24A57Victoria Wong v. Ricky WongExtend deadlineJul 12 2024Sotomayor
24A56Troy Thomas York v. ArizonaExtend deadlineJul 12 2024Kagan
24A55Karen Jimerson, et al. v. Mike LewisExtend deadlineJul 15 2024Alito
24A54The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago v. Janay GarrickExtend deadlineJul 15 2024Barrett
24A53Nantucket Residents Against Turbines, et al., Appl v. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, et al.Extend deadlineJul 11 2024Jackson
24A52The Walt Disney Company and Consolidated Subsidiar v. Tax Appeals Tribunal of the State of New York, et Extend deadlineJul 12 2024Sotomayor
24A51Jonetta L. Grieme v. Shawn Collie, Buchanan County Drug Strike Force, eExtend deadlineJul 11 2024Kavanaugh
24A49Shari Mayer Borochov, et al. v. Islamic Republic of Iran, et al.Extend deadlineJul 11 2024Roberts
24A48Kris Mayes, Attorney General of Arizona v. Dennis McGrane, et al.Extend deadlineJul 12 2024Kagan
24A47Cicel (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Ap v. Misonix, Inc.Extend deadlineJul 12 2024Sotomayor
24A46Pennsylvania State Conference of NAACP Branches, e v. Al Schmidt, Secretary of Pennsylvania, et al.Extend deadlineJul 10 2024Alito
24A45Elaine Mickman v. Superior Court of PennsylvaniaExtend deadlineJun 14 2024Alito
24A44Tarek Youssef Hassan Saleh v. Merrick B. Garland, Attorney General, et al.Extend deadlineJul 10 2024Sotomayor
24A43Carlos Demond Robinson v. Sean Janson, WardenExtend deadlineJun 25 2024Roberts
24A42Thanquarious R. Calhoun v. Warden, Baldwin State Prison, et al.Extend deadlineJul 10 2024Thomas
24A41Christopher J. Thorpe v. Ricky D. Dixon, Secretary, Florida Department of CExtend deadlineJul 10 2024Thomas
24A40New York State Telecommunications Association, Inc v. Letitia James, Attorney General of New YorkExtend deadlineJul 11 2024Sotomayor
24A39Mark Bochra v. Department of Education, et al.Extend deadlineJul 08 2024Barrett
24A38Cid C. Franklin v. New YorkExtend deadlineJul 10 2024Sotomayor
24A37Hussein Kadhim Abood Khalaf v. United StatesExtend deadlineJul 02 2024Kavanaugh
24A36International Business Machines Corporation & Comb v. Tax Appeals Tribunal of the State of New York, et Extend deadlineJul 10 2024Sotomayor
24A35Nawaz Ahmed v. Tim Shoop, WardenExtend deadlineJun 26 2024Kavanaugh
24A34David Brian Larche, Jr. v. United StatesExtend deadlineJun 25 2024Thomas
24A33Michael Dale Iervolino v. AlabamaExtend deadlineJul 08 2024Thomas
24A32Marino Scafidi v. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, et al.Extend deadlineJul 08 2024Kagan
24A31Cesar Yoaldo Castillo v. United StatesExtend deadlineJul 09 2024Roberts
24A30Martin Akerman v. Northwestern Mutual Life InsuranceExtend deadlineJul 02 2024Barrett
24A29Rosalind Holmes v. United States, et al.InjunctionJun 24 2024Kavanaugh
24A28Peyman Roshan v. Melanie J. Lawrence, et al.Extend deadlineJul 05 2024Kagan
24A27Cyrus Mark Sanai v. Melanie J. Lawrence, et al.Extend deadlineJul 05 2024Kagan
24A26William Hudson v. James T. Vaughn, Warden, et al.Extend deadlineJun 24 2024Alito
24A25B.S. v. D.S.Extend deadlineJul 06 2024Kagan
24A24Terrence Arthur Green v. United States District Court for the District of MExtend deadlineJun 21 2024Roberts
24A23Carlos A. Alonso Cano, et al. v. 245 C&C, LLC, et al.StayJul 01 2024Thomas
24A22Richard Rynn, Next Friend and Parent of M. R., a M v. Gregory A. McKay, et al.Extend deadlineJul 02 2024Kagan
24A21H.C. v. Court of Appeal of California, Second Appellate DiExtend deadlineMay 20 2024Kagan
24A20H.C. v. A.N.Extend deadlineJun 07 2024Kagan
24A19Maxsony Coissy v. United StatesExtend deadlineJul 02 2024Thomas
24A18Tesae Harrington v. Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of StateExtend deadlineJul 01 2024Roberts
24A17Richard Rynn v. First Transit Incorporated, et al.Extend deadlineJul 02 2024Kagan
24A16Jay Sandon Cooper v. TexasExtend deadlineJul 05 2024Alito
24A14Kenneth W. Blair v. United StatesExtend deadlineJul 01 2024Kavanaugh
24A13Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, an Oregon non v. Shane Jeffries, in His Official Capacity as OchocoExtend deadlineJul 05 2024Kagan
24A12Andrew R. Allred v. Ricky D. Dixon, Secretary, Florida Department of CExtend deadlineJul 03 2024Thomas
24A11Alaska, et al. v. Department of Education, et al.StayJul 05 2024Gorsuch
24A10Kieran Ravi Bhattacharya v. James B. Murray, Jr., in His Official Capacity as Extend deadlineJul 02 2024Roberts
24A9Nathan Cooper v. United StatesExtend deadlineJul 01 2024Thomas
24A8Lakshmi Arunachalam v. International Business Machines Corporation, et alExtend deadlineJul 02 2024Roberts
24A7Duke Bradford, et al. v. Department of Labor, et al.Extend deadlineJul 02 2024Gorsuch
24A6Advance Colorado, et al. v. Jena Griswold, Colorado Secretary of StateExtend deadlineJul 01 2024Gorsuch
24A5First Finance International Bank, Inc. v. Office of the Commissioner of Financial InstitutioExtend deadlineJul 01 2024Jackson
24A4Joseph M. Hoskins v. Jared Withers, et al.Extend deadlineJul 01 2024Gorsuch
24A3Darnell Anderson v. Aaron Fuson, et al.Extend deadlineJun 20 2024Kavanaugh
24A2Usha Jain, et vir v. Donald Myers, et al.Extend deadlineJun 23 2024Thomas
24A1Jake Delahney Taylor v. United StatesExtend deadlineJul 01 2024Alito

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